about the artisan…

Meet San Aye, the first mother in our day program. San Aye is married and has two children. Her son is in school and her toddler girl stays with mom or grandmom during the day. 

San Aye’s husband works in construction but their family was struggling. Another local initiative, The House Collective, knew the situation and hired her part-time to do sewing ( At that time, her sewing salary was necessary to make ends meet. Now, their family is doing better. San Aye is employed through Sojourn Studio three days a week and continues to sew one to two days per week. With a bit of supplemental income in their life, she is able to pay for things beyond daily necessities. This financial contribution makes for a healthier dynamic with her husband.

San Aye earns Thai minimum wage as direct income but also receives additional wages designated in savings and education funds. San Aye couldn’t read or write in her native language, Burmese, and had expressed a desire to learn. Previously, a friend was casually teaching her on the side. Through the education fund from Sojourn Studio and in collaboration with The House Collective, she now has formal literacy classes with a language instructor. San Aye attends class once a week for 90 minutes and has study time twice a week at The House Collective. Looking at San Aye’s story, we see hope-filled forward motion.