About the Artisan…

Htay Htay Yee is one of the high school girls in the after-school teen program at Sojourn Studio. She has been learning how to make ceramic jewelry for a year and a half and she’s now one of our most reliable and precise artisans.

Each artisan in Sojourn’s teen program earns part of their wages as an education fund. Htay Htay Yee has been using her scholarship to pay for English classes from Global Alms Incorporated, another NGO in Mae Sot and she says Thai is next.

So what makes a 16 year-old girl spend her free time studying two additional languages?

For years, she has dreamed of becoming a doctor. Htay Htay Yee is originally from Myanmar and she knows that the need for trained doctors is huge.

While being a doctor has been a longtime dream, Htay Htay Yee had no idea how to actually become one. Through one-on-one goal setting sessions with Sojourn Studio coaches, she did realize it would take a lot of work, but she also learned how to get started.

Learning English will help her graduate high school with recommendations. Learning Thai could expand her opportunities for medical study. Htay Htay Yee has already overcome more obstacles than most aspiring doctors her age.

With a clear plan and a strong community by her side, she’s up for the challenge.